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13 February
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Hi guys, my friends call me Giga or Turbs ! This LJ will mostly serve as a dream journal and a project journal ! Kind of like a hobby thing ! Stay tuned for tons of interesting stories and dreams I have. I may even post some stories I make up to see if you all like them.

My spelling and Grammar are not the best but I try to use spell check as much as possible to make sure every thing is readable !

Some of my dream entries may be graphic and will be put under a cut just in case ! I may also post some of my craft work on here but if not it will be posted to my Tumblr page instead ! I may keep this a strictly dream journal type of deal. I'm not sure yet.

I tend to have several dreams within the night from 2 - 3 at a time. It's due to a sleeping issue where I gain consciences while i'm sleeping or I just wake up a lot.

This journal will now also serve as a Diary of Sorts !

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